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What Innovation means at STA

Innovation often takes place through the development of more-effective products, processes, services, technologies, or business model that innovators make available to markets, governments and society.

STA use of innovation is to come up with new repair methods, tools, materials, talent development ideas and introduce new technologies that increase productivity and generate greater output and value with the same input.

Innovation at STA working with related departments and partners will play a key role in introducing to the Boyd Group novelty to existing product lines, processes, talent acquisition & retention solutions, training platforms and digital customer engagement tools. A focus will be directed to upgrade the operating systems of our business or to introduce modern technologies for automation to increase market share, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Driving Innovation also allows new recruits to experience new advanced solutions and develop a passion for progression in the workplace and their careers.

STA innovation key areas:
  • Test and Develop New repair products
  • Sustainability and Recycling – Plastics
  • Talent Acquisition & retention
  • VR training and skills assessment applications.
  • 3D Printing & Prototyping
  • Advanced plastic materials
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