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“Providing school leavers or entry level talent a debt free and progressive career pathway in collision and automotive repairs”

SMART – Specialized Micro Automotive Repair Technician

SMART Training Academy brings together the latest in advanced learning via paid accredited I-CAR training solutions using new technology tools and platforms to lay the foundation for developing a new generation of “Micro Skilled” collision repair technicians.

Our focus is micro-targeting individuals’ strengths and ability with a suited job role via a number of short training courses lasting up to 12 weeks, targeting a specific skill in the collision repair process, to become “Certified” as a repair or non-repair automotive “Micro” collision technician.

SMART Training Academy ( STA) offer these new advanced paid micro training programs and job placement with the Boyd Group, home to brands in the USA such as Gerber Collision & Glass who have been building careers and providing the highest standard of service to customers for over 80 years.

The Boyd group has a footprint of 850 sites across USA and Canada and 1000 open positions, this makes the SMART Academy the single largest paid training and job placement academy in the industry.

“Providing school leavers or entry level talent a “debt free”, progressive career pathway in collision and automotive repairs”

Collision Industry

The Automotive Collision Repair market is estimated to be worth roughly $200 Billion in the USA alone. There are 100,000 facilities providing job seekers a secure and evolving career path as the trade moves from a hands on, paper-based industry towards vehicles with advanced technology and the use of digital communication and information to repair them.

Smarter Cars

Smart vehicle technology could be Car-to-Car communication, a 3D gesture system, car integration with a smartwatch, an automated parking system, or integration of various apps. Connected cars have clear benefits, being potentially safer and less harmful to the environment. They also present the repair industry with an opportunity to innovate and create stronger relationships with its customers and repairers who need to repair these cars.

New Technicians

As vehicle manufacturers rapidly advance the technology used in vehicles from safety systems, self-driving applications and connectivity, there is a growing need for the technicians repairing these vehicles to understand advancing technologies. STA is working to close the gap, integrating technology within the core of our training modules, providing the perfect segway for technicians to better understand modern cars.

Modern Facilities

The collision industry is slowly evolving from the traditional manual based body repair shops to modern repair facilities that meet the needs of today’s car repairs. Shops featuring state of the art equipment, digital measuring tools and buildings are costing millions of dollars to set up to attract new talent who are looking to secure a career in this thriving industry.

Join the SMART Training Academy


Non Experienced


Body Techs

SMART offers career pathways with a paid training program as short as 12 weeks for anyone who wants to commit to a career in the automotive repair and service industry. We welcome applicants with no experience to become certified SMART Technicians and experienced Body repair technicians to take on coaching roles to help guide SMART techs mature after their training period.

Trainees – No Experience

No experience needed and all training provided via our various micro training programs that best suit your ability and career goals. Training programs start at 12 weeks and provide the foundation towards a secure and rewarding career paths and the ability to continue your learning journey with ongoing training developing new skills.

Coaches – Body Technicians

One of the key aspects is building a team of experienced coaches to lead and guide the new generation of smart techs providing valuable knowledge on collision repair and life skills to their team. Coaches go through short business, wellbeing and communication skills based courses that provide the ability to be the best coach they can be.

What you can learn with SMART

  • Parts Sanding & Preparation
  • Spray Painting Primers
  • Vehicle Disassembly and Assembly 
  • Plastic welding and heat manipulation
  • Micro Filler Application
  • Glue Pulling – Micro Impacts 
  • Repair Planning & Blueprinting
  • Light Body & Parts Repair

Learning & Training

We offer our trainees a mix of classroom based online and virtual learning environments with the core emphasis being hands on practicing skills on vehicles or parts. Having the accessibility to these 3 types of training provides our trainees with the added advantage to enhance their learning ability and develop new skills in collision repair.

Coaching a new generation

STA is led by some of the industries most experienced and forward-thinking trainers and mentors that give our trainees the opportunity to develop advanced knowledge on repair methods and technologies.

As fierce competition to attract and retain talent continues, having the right mentors can provide a distinct advantage. Today’s workers are looking for organizations that care about them and invest in their growth and development.

Integrating Technology – Key Examples

STA is focused in integrating key advanced technologies within our academy that provides our trainees and mentors the platform to use these digital tools and adopt the changing dynamics of the smart car systems manufacturers use today. Our investment and dedication to new technology and innovation is at the forefront of our culture, making an introduction to technology the first step in our trainee’s career journey.

Virtual Reality

One of the most adopted technologies in training. Our virtual reality platforms offered in spray painting for early learning and skills assessment are world leading.

Mobile & Cloud applications

Our mission as a paperless business is to drive all staff activity via cloud or mobile based applications. We also provide a job active mobile application.

3D Printing

A technology already used by most OEM’s and advancing industries. Our use of 3D printing allows us to develop prototypes of new tools and replacement bits of broken or missing parts.

Digital Transformation Journey

  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Integration
  • Machine to Machine 
  • 3D Printing
  • Advanced Robotics
  • Big Data/Analytics
  • Internet of Things 
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Extended Reality
Business & Office Skills

Offering various office, business, and time planning skills to help you better understand and navigate through your career development as the basis to a new career with us. Today’s technician and line service agents need to have the ability to communicate internally with coworkers or with customers as the front line of our business.

Interested in a secure Career with SMART as a trainee or Body Repair Coach?
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